Enabling older people to live happier and healthier at home

We can match you up with the right person who will move in, do 10 hours per week of the household tasks that need doing, and also keep you company.

We do all the necessary background checks and references, as well as support both parties with the ongoing arrangement – all for a modest monthly fee.

For more details please contact or call Precious on 0208 741 5733

How it works

We’ve been supported by Lloyds Bank Foundation and Wandsworth Oasis to develop the Homeshare model as a sustainable solution to the social issues of loneliness amongst older people and unaffordable housing costs for younger people. We are members of Homeshare UK, and we work according to their Quality Assurance Framework ensuring high standards.

RiverHouse recruits Householders and Homesharers separately and checks that they are suitable to take part in the scheme.  We get to know people and work on making the right match, supporting them while they meet.

We carefully manage the matching process and, once a Homeshare is set up, we support you throughout the length of the Homeshare.  We offer both regular arranged support as well as being available for extra support during normal working hours.

The monthly fee of £150 goes towards this work and support for this match as well as allowing the scheme to become sustainable so that it will be available to others, hopefully for years to come.

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