We are gradually re-launching services in line with the national guidelines:

On May 17th we resumed serving peer-lunches in our café

On May 24th our Women’s group started meeting face-to-face at River House

On June 3rd our Foodbank returned to being a collect-only service, with members able to stay to enjoy peer-support and light refreshments

Please check here again for further updates

AIDS Impact webinar 2:

Vaccines and Vulnerabilities – HIV COVID and Back.
Date: 1st July 2021 Time: 15.00-17.30 BST

Register here: https://virology.eventsair.com/aidsim2021ws/registrationjuly/Site/Register

We are River House Trust –
welcome to our website.

Our role is all about providing support for people living with HIV – and particularly over 50s and people living in poverty.
We’re based in Hammersmith, in a lovely house by the river, hence our name!
This site is currently being updated as we move out of the COVID-19 emergency phase, so we’re sorry for anything that doesn’t work (and please let us know if you find any errors).

Home Share

Home Share is our project that helps older people to live in their own homes, with support, for longer.

Our Services

Our Walking Group helps older people get more exercise, with peer-support, in a social activity. What’s not to like!