Homeshare – Stages

For more details please contact or call Precious on 0208 741 57333


Once you have decided that the scheme is for you, please send us your completed application form.

Homeshare Interview

We arrange a time to meet with you. This allows us to find out more about you, and how Homeshare might work for you.


‘For Householders we will follow-up your references and check whether the boiler has been serviced. For Homesharers we will follow-up your references, carry out an Enhanced DBS check, run a Finance check, and require evidence of Right to Rent in the UK.

Homeshare Profile

We help you to write your Homeshare Profile – this is what we show to potential matches.

Homeshare Matching

We find some potential matches and show you their profiles.

Homeshare Meeting

Once you’ve seen a profile you think would be a good match, we set up a meeting for you and that person in your home. We also attend to offer support and help you discuss shared living. If you both get on, we proceed to setting up a Homeshare.

Move in…The Future

We will be there on the move-in day to make sure everything goes smoothly and to help sort out any difficulties.

Continuing Support from Us

We continue to support you throughout the time that you are part of Homeshare.

Phone Precious on 0208 741 5733 or