Homeshare – Safeguarding

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As part of our safeguarding policy we assess Householders:

Initial visit:

It is important to know if a Householder will benefit from our Homeshare scheme and this visit helps us assess whether Homeshare is suitable for the individual

Risk assessment:

We conduct a risk assessment to help establish whether the Householder is a suitable candidate to have a Homesharer living in their home.  It also helps us to ascertain any needs that we should be aware of.  We let the potential Homesharer know of any potential risks and they can make an informed decision as to whether they want to embark on the Homeshare before signing the agreement.

The Home:

it is also important to assess the condition of the house to ensure it is suitable for the Homesharer to live in.  We consider the standard of the bedroom and ensure furniture will be provided and that the accommodation is clean and safe.  We ask to see whether the boiler has been serviced and that fire/smoke/carbon monoxide alarms are installed.


We ensure the highest quality standards by thoroughly assessing any potential Homesharers.

Enhanced DBS:

(Disclosure and Barring Service) checks – we run an enhanced check on all potential Homesharers



we ask for 3 references.  We call the referees and speak to them about the role of the Homesharer and check their suitability



we will interview all candidates prior to their meeting with potential Householders.  These interviews will be face-to-face or, in the event of the Homesharer living abroad, will be by Skype or telephone.  All match meetings will be face-to-face


Once a match is made we monitor it closely to start with and continue to monitor it for its lifetime.  We keep in regular contact with the Homesharer, Householder and the family and keep all parties informed of any changes.

We contact all Householders and Homesharers on a monthly basis for the first three months and longer if deemed necessary. We identify any areas for improvement and provide support to bring these about.  Homeshare staff will provide support and help everyone involved should any concern arise at any point during the life of the Homeshare

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