Feedback from River House members

18th March

I will be very grateful if you keep checking on me.
(African woman, 57)

18th March

Yes I will be happy if all of you could keep in touch regularly with me I hope all of you are well
(Gay African male, 63)

19th March

Many thanks for your updates, it’s a great comfort to know that you guys are still there even if we can’t access the building, it really does make us feel or at least it makes me feel a lot less anxious knowing that you’re there for us, and I really appreciate it, R called me the other day just to see how I was…It makes  me feel less isolated, many thanks for all your efforts.
(Heterosexual UK male, 56)

20th March

Hello, can you let me know if can still use food bank service, as I’ve lost my job due to the current situation
(Gay European male, 37)

6th April

Thank you very much for arranging groceries delivery, this helps me immensely.  I am most grateful. I have been confined to my house since Tuesday 17th, my CD4 is very low, 300, or 20%, and I have been advised not to go out. I wonder if I could have food delivery at my house.  (Another charity) are unable to help me at the moment. I suspect that HIV charities are not giving priority to those with low CD4.  I have been HIV since 1986 and I am almost 60 years old now.
(Gay UK male, 59)

7th April

Hi C, I’ve been advised by the doctors actually I’ve been told that I have to self-isolate for 12 weeks, as you know I can’t lift because of my operation and I can’t go to the shops even if I could I couldn’t do the queues at the moment (due to illness), for the last 5/-6 years I’ve been having Morrison’s online delivery I can’t get a slot, I’m really really running low for food now I just wondered if you had any ideas?

12th April

Thank you so much for my delivery the other day you don’t know how much I appreciated it and how well received it was I was not expecting it so it was a truly a lovely surprise and a big big thank you to G (volunteer) for actually legging it to bring it to me, thank you so much I really do love you guys at RH.
(Hetero UK male, 56)

8th April

Thank you for your email which is very much appreciated. I would like to ask if I could receive a few items from the food bank please. I am self-isolating after my GP wrote to me saying that I am in the most at risk group. I live on my own in west London and running short of money and would appreciate help with some groceries and fresh items if possible.
(UK Gay male, 53)

I am currently having to shield due to an underlying medical condition which makes me extremely vulnerable to COVID 19, so I’m not allowed to leave the house under any circumstances, and I don’t have a support network I can call on. I’m hoping that even though I’m not a resident of H&F the Trust might be able to help as I’m only down the road in Chiswick
(UK Gay male, 52)

12th April

I know this is a bit of a long shot, but I used to volunteer for two different charities researching services, grants and other pertinent information online. Sometimes I would even contact charities to request supplies, printed information, etc, but not donations. I would like to know if this would be something useful to River House. I had been volunteering as an ESOL classroom teacher for over a year, but the service has been shut down due to the pandemic. The other volunteer work I was supposed to start got cancelled, also due to the pandemic. I now feel bored, restless, and without purpose, and I would really like to be a part of the coronavirus effort. Let me know what you think.
(Black Caribbean woman, 53)

17th April

Thank you very much for the nice and varied selection of groceries which was delivered yesterday afternoon.  I am most grateful.
(UK Gay male, 59)

Just letting you know that I have received my Food Bank delivery from Brent Hubs. I appreciate all the effort you put through to enable me to get this. Once again, thank you so much and may God bless you abundantly.
(African woman, 62)

4th May

Thank you for your message, it is a difficult time and we do not know how long it will last and how life will be at the end of all of this. I am fine, I do lovely walks on the Thames, there are lots of operas online and some interesting events, but of course it is not the same. I would like to attend the Ramblers catch-up.
(Euro Gay male, 67).

Nice seeing you & having a catch up, thanks for helping sort out my email. now I can see what going on at Riverhouse  Love zxxx 😉
(UK Gay male, 59)

I’m so very grateful for the food parcels. Please let me know how I can donate towards this incredible gesture. I have some money coming in tomorrow.
(UK male, 57)

5th May

Thank you so much C and everyone at Riverhouse for the wonderful work you do, the food deliveries being distributed and keeping us informed through the magazine and for someone like me who is really down at the moment it just gives me hope to continue living and not try anything foolish because people do care
(Black African female, 50)

7th May

Thank you so much for organizing the food parcel delivery, L (volunteer driver) was so sweet. I can’t begin to tell you how much it is appreciated C, you are a real life saver. Once again, thanks a million. (UK male, 64).

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