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Some more information on becoming a member

When you contact us, we will invite you to come in and meet with a member of the River House team. During your first visit to the centre, we will provide general information about our services and introduce you to other staff. We will also ask you to share some details about yourself so that we can identify how best we can support your individual needs and interests.

At this initial meeting (or at a later date determined by you) you can register to become a member of River House.

In order to register, we will require an original 'letter of diagnosis' from your medical consultant and a utility bill to confirm your address. Your letter of diagnosis does more than provide confirmation of your HIV status. It will contain information that can help us to tailor the support and advice we provide to suit your individual needs. Ideally, your letter of diagnosis should be on your consultant's headed paper and dated within the last year. Unfortunately,we are unable to accept photocopies.

Following registration, you will be given a membership number. This will allow you to access a range of services: we provide nutritional, medical, practical and therapeutic support and we also run a number of skills development and educational workshops.


To get in touch

Tel: 020 8753 5190