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River House is a community based centre for people who live with HIV. We provide a large and diverse range of services such as nursing advice, counselling, benefits advice, complementary therapies and educational courses, plus a delicious meal each week day.

Our full programme can be found in the events section and membership information can be found on the membership page membership is open to people living with HIV.

Have a look around our site to discover how we can best support you to live a full life with HIV or call us on 020 8753 5190. We would be happy to hear from you and to invite you to meet us in our riverside centre in Hammersmith.


We’re calling on the next government to stand with people affected by HIV

Alongside twenty other HIV organisations, we are asking MP candidates to pledge their support for the HIV Manifesto, which has been unveiled today. Ahead of the General Election, we’ve outlined seven priority areas that the next government – whoever it is – must address to ensure HIV remains a priority.

The organisations behind the HIV Manifesto include National AIDS Trust, Terrence Higgins Trust, Positively UK, BHIVA, HIV Scotland, Prepster, BHA, Brigstowe, MESMAC, LASS, Spectra, NAM, LGBT Foundation, Metro, Living Well, River House Trust, Herts Aid, Thames Valley Positive Support, Waverley Care, Sophia Forum and Positive East.

We have come a long way since the 1980s. While stigma and discrimination remain, HIV is now a long term condition and individuals are living with HIV into old age.HIV treatment in the UK is excellent, but not everyone living with HIV is doing well. The number of people diagnosed with HIV each year remains high and far too many people are diagnosed late with HIV.

Services which help people living with HIV manage their condition are facing continued funding cuts. We have come so far. We can’t stop now. That’s why we’re calling on the next government to stand with people affected by HIV and prioritise sexual health services.

Kathryn Dombrowicz, Director of River House, said “People living with HIV often continue to experience discrimination and hardship. Education, awareness and robust financial support are vital to ensure that all people can access comprehensive preventative and supportive services”

In the HIV manifesto, we are calling on the government to:

  1. Commit to tackling the stigma and discrimination faced by people living with HIV
  2. Fully fund HIV and sexual health services to meet the needs of local communities
  3. Recognise the importance of prevention to a sustainable health and social care system by increasing investment in public health services
  4. Equip schools with the resources they need to ensure that high-quality, age-appropriate, LGBT-inclusive sex and relationships education is taught to all young people in all schools
  5. Make PrEP available to all individuals at risk of HIV in the UK
  6. Develop a fair benefits system that meets the needs of people living with HIV whether in or out of work
  7. Ensure that the health and social care system is equipped to meet the needs of a population ageing with HIV

Will your local MP candidates pledge to support the #HIVManifesto? Read the full HIV Manifesto here and ask your local MP candidates to take the pledge. 

http://act.lifewithhiv.org.uk/lobby/HIVmanifesto or www.tht.org.uk/HIVmanifesto]